WICT Speaks 2019 program ends in October! This year’s course was guided by Lida Citroen of Lida360

Thanks to all our participants!


Through WICT Speaks, participants get a safe and guided experience to improve their public speaking skills, increase their self-confidence and showcase their skills in a public forum consisting of key executives in their sphere of influence.

Don’t let a phobia of public speaking overshadow your ability to communicate.

Transform your fear into positive energy to nail your next presentation or public speaking opportunity.

The WICT Speaks Program uses the following WICT Touchstones:
COMMUNICATE by creating and delivering a public speech.
CONNECT by audience engagement.
– Anyone who delivers a public speech is FEARLESS.
– The topics and the engaging speakers INSPIRE.


PROGRAM COST: $1,000.00
Since this program is discounted and supplemented by WICT Rocky Mountain, you must be a WICT RM Member to participate.

If you are not currently a WICT member, please access the membership application process on our site or www.wict.org and choose the membership option that is appropriate for your situation.  You must be a member at the time the program officially begins, so please ensure that your WICT membership application is submitted prior to WICT Speaks Program application deadline.

Please use the payment process on our website to pay for the program. You will not need to pay until you are notified of your acceptance to the program, but must complete payment prior to participating in the 2019 program.


Why apply?

Top 10 reasons for participating in this program:

  1. You suffer from “glossophobia” (fear of public speaking) and this is the best opportunity you have had in your life to overcome it.
  2. You want to continue the journey of self-awareness and professional development and become a more productive employee and manager.
  3. You want an opportunity to showcase your abilities in a public speaking forum to an audience of executives.
  4. You want to develop better presentation skills.
  5. You want to enhance your verbal and nonverbal skills.
  6. You want to gain self-confidence.
  7. You appreciate a guided approach to developing new skills.
  8. You are serious about getting a good ROI from your investment of time and money.
  9. You want to learn from the best.
  10. You love a challenge.


Learn more about WICT Speaks – CLICK HERE – to view video clips from prior years public forum.


2019 WICT Speaks Key Dates (All dates are mandatory)

Session 1 – 3:00pm – 5:00pm

  • Meet fellow participants
  • Speed Mentoring with WICT Speaks Alumni

Session 2 – Facilitated by LIDA360, 9:00am – 5:00pm

  • Foundations for confident and compelling presentations. Participants leave this workshop with the tools to create their WICT Speaks presentation.
  • Individual coaching will be provided.

Session 3 – Facilitated by LIDA360, 9:00am – 12:00pm

  • Participants practice and refine their presentations and specific skills. Coaching and feedback is provided allowing participants to refine their presentation before the final capstone event.
  • Participants will be videotaped with feedback.

Session 4 – Facilitated by Lida360, 9:00am – 3:00pm

  • Dress rehearsal with complete wardrobe, visuals, etc.

Session 5 – 12:00pm – 6:00pm

  • Capstone Event, participants deliver their WICT Speaks presentation to an audience of invited guests.

For questions, please contact the WICT Speaks Program Director:

WICT Speaks Program Director