Premier Management Development Series (PMDS)

Program Details

It’s been said that “change is the only constant” and nothing in business is permanent or black and white…which all points to flexing with our environment. Since 2010 we’ve been facilitating global virtual workshops and coaching in the virtual environment, so it seems only fitting to flex PMDS into the virtual environment!

2020 WICT Premier Management Development Series Virtual

The WICT Rocky Mountain chapter is excited to announce the return of the Premier Management Development Series in 2020, which has been recognized by WICT National for our Leadership Programming quality. WICT Rocky Mountain and Watermarq Consulting have collaborated to create an interactive, personalized learning program featuring significant leadership topics to support professional development of our rising leaders.

Focusing on the Touchstones of Leadership, this program prepares participants for their next level of responsibility, taking them on a 5-month comprehensive journey of self awareness, benchmarking, and application of knowledge…all in a virtual environment. This series explores what it takes to be an effective leader and develops the skills required to lead teams. The program supports participants’ development through peer-to-peer coaching groups and the application of leadership skills and knowledge.

During the course period, participants will focus on developing their personal brand, team development, influencing others, networking and public speaking.


Who Should Apply:

  • High-potential supervisors and managers, with direct reports, looking to hone their skills
  • Program or project managers who lead cross-functional teams
  • Individual contributors looking to strengthen their leadership skills and move into management roles


Program Benefits:

  • Learn from experienced, knowledgeable coaches and trainers and practice leadership skills that can be applied immediately to help excel as a leadership role model in your organization and community
  • Develop a personal action plan to focus on applying new knowledge and skills so you get the most from the program investment
  • Connect with fellow leaders from the industry and build relationships for peer-to-peer support outside the classroom for your entire career
  • Optimize individual performance and organizational impact, while achieving new levels of confidence and success
  • Highlight personal brand and leadership confidence with new professional headshots


The full cost of the program is $1,100 including all classroom sessions and materials.

2020 Schedule

The new virtual program schedule includes 10 virtual sessions which are 2 – 2.5 hours each that has been created to support and interactive, online learning program featuring significant leadership topics to support the professional development of our rising leaders.

Pre-course assessment (Personalysis) will be provided prior to the start of the first session

Self Awareness – Pre-course assessment Personalysis review

Virtual Meetings

Leading in a Virtual Environment

Career Maps

Participant Brand

Teams & 360 Feedback

Prioritization & Time Management

Communicating to Influence

Creating a Village

Graduation Speeches & Celebration

Program Commitment Expectations:

  • Attendance of each of the 10 sessions noted above
  • Peer-to-Peer coaching session – 1 hour meeting per month
  • Share program learning with work team, peers, and your leader

All sessions will be held virtually with the exception of the final day. The graduation (final day) will be held at the Cable Center:
2000 Buchtel Blvd S.
Denver, CO 80210

Application Process

The program is open to all WICT Rocky Members who are looking to strengthen their leadership skills whether you are a supervisor/manager today or looking to move into a management role.  You need not have direct reports, but should be in a role to influence others, and open to applying these skills within the program.


Each applicant must have leadership approval and support to participant in the program. Application must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from your manager.  Applications must be submitted by May 8 for consideration into the program. Any applications received between February 24 and March 20 will still be honored.

All applicants should have payment options confirmed before applying; payment must be received within 4 days of approval.


Announcement of nomination approvals will communicated on May 18, 2020, with payment required for all applicants by May 25. Prompt receipt of payment allows us time to send out communication and the Personanalysis Assessment Link, a pre-requisite requirement that must be completed by May 29. This information will be reviewed in Session One and sets the foundation for the remaining sessions.