WICT Rocky Mountain welcomes employees of cable television companies, including operators, programmers, and suppliers of equipment and services to the cable television industry.

Whether you aspire to be more effective in your current position, or to take your career to the next level, WICT Rocky Mountain provides an array of educational programs, services, and networking opportunities to help you reach your professional goals. With diversity and equity as priorities, we strive to deliver inclusive events and experiences.

To be eligible for membership, any woman or man must be currently or formerly* employed in the cable and telecommunications industry or allied fields. If you are in between careers, you may qualify for WICT’s transitional membership program.

*Formerly employed are those seeking employment in cable telecommunications, retired, or are strong supporters of the industry.

Committed to Advancing Women’s Careers

We share the same mission as our National committee: The WICT Rocky Mountain chapter is committed to advancing women’s careers and enriching their lives at all levels through personal and professional development and leadership opportunities.