Strong brands – personal or corporate – are managed outcomes. We say everyone has a brand! Think of your personal brand as how you live in the hearts and minds of others. Consider that your peers, managers, direct reports, customers and others are your marketplace: they have their own experience with you and their own perspectives about you. Be sure your marketplace has a clear and compelling understanding of your skills, impact and potential! We call that Personal Brand management, a critical strategy for career momentum in changing times. Dedicate an hour to learning how to manage your brand, quarter-to-quarter in 2020.

Join us for a strategic, actionable discussion about your career as you move through 2020. When Q1 ends, be ready to reflect on and share your contributions and impact. In a changing industry (mergers, reorgs, promotions, downsizing, strategy changes), your brand is always in play. Be proactive and intentional in how you show up and in managing your value proposition.

Bring your ideas and questions to fully get the most from our session!

Our Moderator Terri Nimmons is the Founder of Stone Lake Leadership Group. Terri specializes in leadership development, executive coaching, and personal brand management. During her 15-year tenure as an operations leader, Terri developed a passion and a track record for sustainable business results delivered through exceptional leadership.

  •  March 18, 2020
     10:00 am - 11:00 am