WICT RM Officers

President Maria Popo Ubee Interactive
President Elect Cynthia Carpenter Charter Communications
Vice President Keely Buchanan Time Warner Cable
Chair Succession Planning/Volunteers Kukis Moran Comcast
Treasurer Leslie Fischer Comcast
Asst. Treasurer Karen Chipley The Cable Center
Secretary Elizabeth Perlmuter Comcast Viper Division
Assistant Secretary Jackie Heitzer Comcast IPCDN


Chapter Advisor Lisa Panepinto Comcast
Industry Advisor Leslie Ellis Ellis Edits
Chapter Investment & Community Impact Mackenzie Roebuck-Walsh Comcast
Marketing & Communications Susie Tomenchok Inturri Consulting
Membership Christine Fiske Unison
Mentoring Kelly Percin Comcast
WICT Speaks Jacyn Meyer Starz
General Programming Amanda Fedje Starz
Leadership Programming Janelle Champlin Comcast
Tech it Out Maria Rothschild Comcast
Walk of Fame Melissa Hutcheson Comcast
Sponsorship Kristin Wilmes Starz


Chapter Investment & Community Impact
Chapter Investment & Community Impact Donna Oliver Comcast
Marketing & Communications
Website Strategy Jessica Beck Charter Communications
Marketing Kat Hudson Comcast
Events Molly McCaskill New Frontier Media
Social Media Ambra Virban Charter Communications
Research/Strategic Data David Arbuckle Comcast Viper
Membership Erica Hulings Comcast
Mentoring Katie Daniels International Media Distribution
WICT Speaks
WICT Speaks Terry Faber Comcast Spotlight
Leadership Programming
Co-Chair RMLI Betsy Steinbeck Comcast
Co-Chair RMGI Corrina Ruttkar RevGen Partners
General Programming
General Programming Therese Dolan Consultant
Utah General Programming Angela Peleschka Comcast
Walk of Fame
Walk of Fame Micale Stearns Comcast
Tech It Out
Tech It Out Cheryl Davis Charter Communications
Tech It Out Daniel Graham Charter Communications
Tech It Out Erin Ondercin Comcast NETO
Sponsorship Travis Woudstra Charter
Paid Position
WICT Rocky Mountain Administrator Dana Hall WICT Rocky Mountain Chapter