To be eligible for membership, any woman or man must be currently or formerly* employed in the cable and telecommunications industry or allied fields.

*Formerly employed are those seeking employment in cable telecommunications, retired, or are strong supporters of the industry.

WICT Rocky Mountain membership is open to employees of cable television companies, including operators, programmers, and suppliers of equipment and services to the cable television industry. Whether you are striving to be more effective in your current position or aspiring to take your career to the next level, WICT provides an array of educational programs and services to meet the needs of the executives, mid-level professionals, entry-level employees and full-time students. If you are in-between careers, you may also qualify for WICT’s transitional membership program to help keep you engaged. We welcome and celebrate diversity in our membership and strive to deliver inclusive programming and speakers.

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WICT Rocky Mountain members represent 25 different occupational areas, the top 10 of which, representing 80% of our membership base, are noted below:

  • Occupational Emphasis

    • MIS / Technology / Engineering
    • Marketing / Sales
    • Operations
    • General Management
    • Human Resources / Training
    • Customer Service
    • Accounting / Finance
    • Administration / Support
    • Executive
    • Communications

    Being a part of WICT provides you with a multitude of opportunities to engage with industry peers and leaders, enhance your career, and learn more about the cable, telecommunications and technology industry. WICT Rocky Mountain has more than 800 members from sectors including multisystem operators (MSO’s), 2nd Tier Operators, programmers and suppliers of equipment and services to the cable and telecommunications industry and more. Our chapter was started in 1996 and is open to industry professionals in Colorado, Nebraska, and Utah, and areas not supported by another WICT chapter.

    Whether you are new to the industry or have many years of experience, WICT Rocky Mountain offers many important benefits. You’ll broaden your business knowledge, gain more strategic insight into your industry and get exposed to the industry’s top leaders. WICT Rocky Mountain focuses on education, advocacy, and networking, offering programs and events focused on customer relationships, emerging technology, industry trends, personal branding, career management, and more.

    Even if you’re new to the industry or early in your career, our educational programs cover industry basics and allow you to meet other women and men in cable and telecommunications at different stages in their careers. Our mentoring program is ideal for those interested in bettering themselves and learning from their peers and superiors.

  • Some of the most important benefits of WICT membership include:

    Professional development:  WICT programs are designed to help you sharpen your professional and leadership skills through small-group settings, year-long training programs, self-paced webinars and one-to-one mentoring/coaching. We also offer:

    • Monthly breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, special events
    • Volunteer opportunities
    • Annual leadership conference
    • Annual executive development seminars
    • Industry specific technology seminars
    • National Jobs through WICT Online Career Center
    • And much more

    Access:  WICT connects you with senior industry leaders who can teach, mentor and inspire you on your career journey.

    Networking:  WICT provides you opportunities to cultivate new business relationships and learn best practices from industry leaders.

    Advocacy:  WICT’s PAR Initiative provides an objective measurement of the industry’s performance in delivering:

    • Pay equity
    • Advancement opportunities
    • Resources for work and life support

    Learn more about WICT Rocky Mountain’s signature programs and events.

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  • Membership Levels

    Did you know that your company might pay for some or all of your WICT membership dues?  Be sure to check in with your local HR representative for more details.  Comcast and Time Warner are both strong supporters of the WICT mission and as such, very generously cover the cost of WICT membership for their employees.  Please visit with your supervisor or HR representative for details.

    WICT offers four levels of membership:

    Executive ($299 annual fee)

    Executive members are director and higher professionals. This level includes:

    • Exclusive executive-only virtual programs.
    • Online professional networking with other executive members.
    • Executive member dinner series – 3-4 events annually
    • Executive leadership program – 5-day sessions

    Executive members are voting members and can hold chapter board positions.

    Regular ($195 annual fee)

    Regular members are mid-level or supervisory level professionals. Regular members are voting members and can hold chapter board positions.

    Entry ($85 annual fee)

    Entry members are non-salaried professionals with no supervisory or direct budgetary responsibilities. Entry members are non-voting members and cannot hold chapter board positions.

    Students ($35 annual fee)

    Student members must be enrolled in 6 credit hours at graduate level or 12 credit hours at undergraduate level. Student members are non-voting members and cannot hold chapter board positions.

    Additional membership information here.

    We also have a Transitional Membership Program for those who have been affected by a layoff or company consolidation, or are in-between jobs.. We offer $100 off our Executive and Regular membership dues to women in such a situation. To take advantage of this transitional discount, contact the membership department of WICT National at or call 703.234.9817 or 703.234.9811.


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To learn more about membership in WICT Rocky Mountain, contact our member chairs at, who can connect you to one of the WICT Rocky Mountain membership chairs.

To become a WICT member, visit the WICT National site.



The WICT Mentoring Program is a life-changing experience.  I have learned so much about managing changes and taking ownership for my career development.  It is an outstanding environment to practice new skills and learn from others in the industry.  I should have done this years ago; but, I found it is never too late to participate!
Missy Moorhead, Comcast Corporation
I truly believe the WICT organization provides incredible networking opportunities for both men and woman in the Rocky Mountain area.  The events bring a mixture of new technology and basic cable knowledge to its members.
John Roy, Comcast Cable
The WICT Rocky Mountain chapter serves as a career bolstering platform by offering unique networking and educational opportunities.  The WICT Mentoring program, geared towards professional development and individual growth, provides participants with access to Industry Leaders who can provide insight and guidance related to career planning, strategic decision making and short-term and long-term goal setting.  The program also promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing by hosting events such as Tech It Out which focuses primarily on industry trends and the latest technological advancements.
Michelle Johnson, Comcast
The WICT mentoring program has been extremely valuable to me. I have had the opportunity to be mentored by an executive in the industry who has provided valuable advice on my career and has helped push me to accomplish things outside my comfort zone. It has also been a great experience to meet other women in the industry and receive additional training from industry experts.
Merri Pedersen, Comcast Corporation