The 2017 Mentoring Program is now CLOSED!

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To date, more than 500 members have taken advantage of this opportunity for personal and professional growth. WICT and SkyeTeam Associates have partnered together to create an award winning mentoring program.

Program Basics:

Formal six-month program and is open to men and women.

  • Mentees must be current WICT members to participate.
  • $450 fee for mentees (who are also WICT members)
    • Non-members must join WICT and pay appropriate WICT membership fee
    • One Scholarship available that pays entire fee
    • Program facilitated by SkyeTeam includes accompanying study materials.
  • 2017 Mentoring Key Dates






    Kickoff Workshop



    Meetup 1



    Mandatory Mid-Point Checkpoint



    Meetup 2



    Program Conclusion

  • Becoming a Mentor

    Being a mentor offers many wonderful benefits. As a WICT mentor, you will have the opportunity to:

    Interested in being a mentor in 2017? Click Here

    • Build your mentoring skills – Mentors learn effective mentoring and coaching styles, active listening techniques and how to give and receive feedback.
    • Build your leadership skills – Mentors have the opportunity to discuss effective and ineffective mentoring techniques with key executives at other companies. By building your network, you will gain the knowledge and insights of leaders from other organizations.
    • Expand your network – Not only will you meet other leaders in the industry, your mentees may refer qualified job candidates, introduce you to other professionals and provide access to key leaders in other companies.
    • Build your communication skills – The mentoring program gives you opportunities to continue to develop your communication skills by listening, offering feedback and constructive criticism, and more.
    • Obtain a fresh perspective – Your mentees’ perspectives on the issues affecting your industry and workplace will help you be a more effective leader. Mentees face different challenges than you in their roles, and through the mentoring program, you can gain their insights.
    • Influence others – Your mentees may turn to you for advice in difficult situations. In return, you will offer encouragement and ideas, drawing on your past experiences. Thanks to your guidance, you’ll help shape effective leaders in our industry.

    Being a mentor is a great way for you to develop your leadership skills, but it is also an excellent way to help women and men grow in their careers. Your mentees are eager to learn more about your career path, knowledge and expertise. Through the WICT mentoring program, you will gain personal satisfaction in your ability to help your mentees further their professional careers.


    The success of the WICT mentoring program is highly dependent upon your leadership and participation. As a mentor, you are expected to:

      • Attend all of the mandatory mentoring program meetings.
      • Coordinate and schedule group meetings (every 4-6 weeks). Mentors often suggest meetings to coincide with WICT events or other mentoring program events, making scheduling much easier.
      • Encourage your mentoring group to attend all WICT program offerings (and mentoring program offerings).
      • Be available for one-on-one meetings and discussions. Past successful mentors made efforts to connect with their mentees at least once every three weeks via email or phone.
      • Guide the mentees to take advantage of the tools provided by the mentoring program. This includes the development plans that your mentees will construct as a result of the kickoff meeting.
      • Advise mentoring program co-chairs of updates in mentees’ contact information or situations.


  • Contact Us

    Click here to apply as a mentee!

    Click here to apply as a mentor!

    Carli Dahl
    WICT RM Board
    Mentoring Program Director

    Pam Dunbar
    WICT RM Board Co-Chair
    Mentoring Program Director
    Violet River Consulting

  • History

    The mentoring program started in 2003 and teamed up with SkyeTeam in 2010. Participants maintain a long-term connection with their peers and mentors and the mentoring program has an active alumni group that participates in future mentoring events.


    Past mentors have included managers, VPs, directors and other executives from companies such as Adelphia, Bresnan Communications, Comcast, ESPN, HBO, Hitachi Consulting, ICG, Level3, Qwest, Time Warner, WOW! and many others.

    Mentor and Mentee Successes

    Many mentors and mentees have gone on to be successful executives, gala honorees and nationally recognized by WICT for their contributions to WICT and the industry. Some of these names are:

    • Judi Allen – Woman of the Year, WICT Rocky Mountain
    • Cindy Bennett – Woman to Watch, WICT Rocky Mountain
    • Kelly Bumann – Woman of the Year, WICT Rocky Mountain
    • Shelly Humphreys – Woman to Watch, WICT Rocky Mountain
    • Regina Hutchinson – Woman of the Year, WICT Rocky Mountain
    • Cathy Kilstrom –Woman of the Year, WICT Rocky Mountain
    • Marti Moore – Woman in Technology / Innovation, WICT Rocky Mountain
    • Jill Stark – Woman of the Year, WICT Rocky Mountain
    • Missy Wood – Woman of the Year, WICT Rocky Mountain